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Below are some of the things the PTA has helped with.


From the money we manage to raise at our events we get to do things like this for the school. If you have any fundraising ideas or suggestions on where you would like to see money spent please let us know here.

Playground Pencils

Have you noticed the new pencils in the playground, well that was us!

All Weather Suits

For those with younger children we provided the all weather suits that they use on the Sapling outings.


Some of you may have spotted the brightly coloured trikes in the Foundation area of the school!!

Stage Lighting

We have all enjoyed the performances that the the children (& staff) have put on for us at school. We helped provide the stage lighting in Abbey Hall.

Year 6 Leavers T-Shirts

The PTA funded the Years 6 leavers T-Shirts, money raised at the recent Year 6 cake bake has contributed to this and also the party fund too.

Bird of Prey Day

All the kids loved the bird of prey day, all funded by the PTA.

Lego Day

Who doesn't want to play with Lego all day!! 

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