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All parents are automatically members of Friends of Aspin PTA when their child(ren) joins the school. 


The success of our goal of supporting the school both socially and financially depends entirely upon the support we all give collectively.


Without the help of parents, our events simply cannot take place – so we urge all parents to get involved!


Not only is getting involved fun, and a great way to meet other parents, but your child will also enjoy participating in events and will enjoy the benefits of the funds we raise! 

By working together we can make a big difference to our school.

How can you help?

The PTA is always looking for extra help!


If you would like to help out – whether your interest is in joining the main committee, helping with a certain event, manning a stall, or if you have a particular skill that you would like to put to use, e.g. marketing, design, face-painting, then we would love to hear from you. 

Just an idea of some of the various jobs that go on behind the scenes of events include:

  • Creating and putting up posters

  • Baking cakes

  • Setting up events

  • Serving food/drinks at events

  • Shopping – e.g. food / drink / sweets / gifts

  • Wrapping pressies / hampers

  • Contacting local businesses for sponsorship or raffle prizes

Come along to our next meetings to find out more!

The Parent Fund

We are enormously grateful to everyone who contributes their time and also for your continued financial support, without which none of the fundraising projects would come to fruition. 

If you are unable to find the time either to help out at events or to attend them, then please consider signing up to the Parent Fund, which is a monthly direct debit donation scheme – all donations, no matter how small, are gratefully received.

Please contact Friends of Aspin PTA if you would like to further information about this.

Have questions, suggestions, ideas or feedback?


We would like to make sure that all parents keep up to date with the PTA as much as possible.


Use this form below for various things:


  • if you would like to volunteer for an event

  • if you have ideas that you want to share

  • if you would like to be involved more or

  • have any kind of feedback.


(All information shared is private and will be used for PTA purposes only.) 


Your information was sent successfully!

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